Meet Dr. Jeff Craig

While sightseeing with his family at age 11, Dr. Craig and his family members were involved in a terrifying small plane crash. The Cessna they were riding in crashed as they descended.

Fortunately, no one got seriously injured, but his mother took Dr. Craig and his siblings to the chiropractor to get evaluated. “That was my first experience seeing a chiropractor.”

Even at that young age, Dr. Craig could tell that getting adjusted and receiving help like that was just innately a good thing. “It felt naturally right.” He had another issue in college when his back went out, making it difficult to walk. That time, his dad took him to see his chiropractor, and that seemed to help Dr. Craig immensely. He marveled that no medications were required to get better.

After several visits to the chiropractor, Dr. Craig was back to normal; this second encounter with chiropractic reinforced what he had thought about the field back when he was 11.

Deciding on Chiropractic As a Career

While Dr. Craig was in college, his fellow students were trying to figure out what they were going to do with the rest of their lives. “Chiropractic always came back to mind and I could definitely see myself helping people that way. The rest is history.” He attained his Doctor of Chiropractic from Parker Chiropractic College in Dallas, Texas and finds it gratifying to help people without going the usual medical route.

Helping a Variety of Patients

Using the more traditional hands-on Diversified Technique, Dr. Craig has assisted many patients with a broad range of conditions. From helping to alleviate moms’ headaches so they can engage more with their children to providing relief for those who have been in constant pain, Dr. Craig loves seeing patients heal.

Enjoying an Active Life in Bend

When he’s not helping patients, Dr. Craig enjoys spending time with this two wonderful kids. They like to ski, snowboard and try other fun activities like skateboarding, rock climbing and golfing. He’s also a member at Xcel Fitness in Bend and is a treasurer of his daughter’s middle school PTSO.