Dr. Jeff Craig has been in solo practice here in beautiful Bend since 2000 and has grown with the community. He is passionate about helping patients of all ages and stages experience incredible results, naturally.

Craig Chiropractic patients love our comfortable, homey, yet contemporary environment and the fact that we can get them in easily and at times that fit into their schedule. While we love helping patients get out of pain, we also are happy to provide maintenance or wellness care.

We love to hear patients say they’re getting better!”Dr. Jeff Craig

Effective, Affordable Care

While some people may think chiropractic is expensive and that you’ll have to keep going forever, that’s not the case at our practice. We want to show people how effective and affordable chiropractic care can be when they have various health issues. Our fees haven’t changed in nearly a decade because it’s important for us to make care as accessible for as many people as possible. Just imagine — you can get exceptional health care without breaking the bank!

Natural, Holistic Help

While medications simply mask symptoms, chiropractic care gets to the root of a problem by reducing nervous system interference.  Whether you have neck or back pain or headaches and sciatica pain, chiropractic care can help you feel great without having to rely on medications.

A Chiropractic Success Story

One gentleman came in because his low back was hurting. He didn’t even tell Dr. Craig about the digestive issues he was having. He had been losing weight over a number of years and couldn’t eat as he would get sick. “He noticed after I adjusted him only twice that his digestive issues were noticeably better for him. Though he didn’t connect the two right away, a short time later he did.”

The patient wasn’t even expecting that benefit and continued to see Dr. Craig more for his digestive issues. “I just restored the nerve flow, and the body healed itself and decided to work right.”

We Look Forward To Meeting You

Discover the great value that we offer at our chiropractic care center. Contact us today to book an appointment for yourself or members of your family!